Missouri/Memphis second half

Missouri starts the second half with an offensive rebound and a score. 51-36.

I read an article stating that during the peak of Arkansas “40 minutes of hell” basketball, the team had only one NBA first-round draft pick. Missouri could be that kind of team.

Wow. A turnover leads to another Missouri score. It’s a 17-point lead. Now it’s 19.

The lead peaks at 24. Then Memphis scores eight in a row and keeps drawing fouls. This game is far from over.

I get booted form the live feed just when Missouri’s starting to slow down a bit. Come on, people!

At this point Missouri doesn’t have to be perfect on defense. They just need to keep scoring. Don’t let Memphis get enough momentum to make a big run. Less than ten minutes to go.

Quick fantasy football dynasty question. What’s a better investment, David Clowney or Chansi Stuckey? I lost an auction for Stuckey but got Clowney uncontested a couple of weeks ago. Torry Holt is my best receiver in this league. Can you say desperate?

Missouri’s giving up two pointers but no threes in this rally. The lead’s getting uncomfortably close to 10.

Crap. DeMarre Carrol just got his fourth foul. Geez, Memphis is already in the double bonus. Thank you, another missed free throw. Why don’t teams work on free throws more?

It’s another technical foul on Memphis. Make these free throws. How does a guy from Baltimore end up going to Missouri? Come on, 15-point lead with the ball and eight minutes to go. English could have made an easy pass and got an offensive foul.

Both these teams are fearless inside the paint.

Memphis has scored too many easy baskets this half. If Missouri wins, they are going to do it by the skin of their teeth.

All Missouri needs to do is get a couple of first downs. D’oh.

Memphis attempted their first three in a long time. Luckily it rimmed out. Missouri can’t make a shot but they’re drawing fouls.

Zaire Taylor has an opportunity for a three-point play. We’re at the four-minute timeout. I’m going to be a sleepy boy tomorrow.

Memphis got the lead to six but Missouri takes it back to eight with two minutes to go.

Funky stat of the game: Memphis tried three three-pointers in the second half. They didn’t make one. Carroll missed a chance to make it a 10-point game.

It’s so weird that Memphis can get easy shots in the lane but no good looks from three-point land. Can we just make some free throws? This game should be over.

Tyreke Evans is sick. Missouri gives up their 40th layup of the half. It’s all good. The lead is still more than two possessions.

81 seconds to go. Just make your stinking free throws. The lead’s 10 and it’s all but over.

72 seconds to go. The lead is 11. Memphis makes a quick three.

65 seconds to go. OK, 63 seconds to go. It could be a two-score game. It is.

58.9 seconds to go. Players are fouling out for Memphis. That’s Roburt with a “u”.

50.9 seconds to go. Another missed three for Memphis and Leo Lyons fouls out. There are too many clock stoppages. Let them play!

Memphis makes one free throw and somehow bumping the Missouri player doesn’t count. Memphis missed another three pointer.

40.6 seconds to go. This has been an ugly minute of missed free throws and long shots. Another Memphis player fouls out. I’m trying to make this blog seem as endless as the finish of this game.

Missouri breaks 100. Memphis missed another three and it’s over, folks.

Can Missouri get to the Final Four for the first time ever? We’ll find out on Saturday night. Thank you. Good night.

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