The Impenetrable Barrier

Once again the Missouri Tigers failed in an attempt to get to college basketball’s Final Four. I can’t thank them enough.

I was starting to like college basketball. Thanks to an inevitable cold streak by the Tiger shooters on Saturday, UConn won and moved on to another national championship. I’ll just give it to them since I don’t want to watch any more and it’s possible that the program is going on probation anyway.

I can’t be dangerously spreading my sports love like this. I’ll follow Missouri when the basketball, or more rarely, the baseball team does well. Other than that, it’s a football-only zone. And since no one outside of the crazy SEC cares about spring football, I have time to relax.

The fantasy football season is never over, especially when you live in the dynasty world. Our free agency period is about to end, which means the draft is about a month away. I attempted to rectify my horrible situation at DE, WR, and backup QB. Seeing that I’m somewhat excited by adding Kregg Lumpkin, Danny Ware (viva los former Georgia RBs), Lamont Jordan, and retaining Maurice and Sammy Morris, yep, it’s the offseason. I paid too much for Luke McCown, a spot-holder QB if I’ve ever seen one. I did get long-term projects Dennis Dixon and Troy Smith. They have similar games and Seneca Wallace ceilings. Ray Edwards, Charles Johnson, and Lawrence Jackson are the defensive ends with potential. When a “stud” DE gets 60 tackles, you know that it’s not the most critical position to target.

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  1. Anonymous April 2, 2009 at 6:58 pm #

    I have not heard any SHOUT OUTS to the Don Funk Tube and Bar. How soon we forget where we once called THE OLDE Stomping ground. If you dont patronize the Bar then AT LEAST…give the man some LOVE.

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