What is Zachrilege?

Zach-ri-lege (zak-ruh-lij)


1. The views of Zachary Thomas Law, or Zach to his friends, enemies, and neutrals on the world
2. The truth as I see it, easily refutable by those with common sense

Many moons ago, a friend of mine who is quite accomplished in the recruiting biz suggested this as a possible domain for my Web site. The meaning of the word “sacrilege,” which is the root of this name, is primarily “the violation or profanation of anything sacred or held sacred”. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

I sometimes have thoughts that don’t have anything to do with sports, or my fictional world, which also has a lot to do with sports. This would be a good place for such thoughts.

Despite the prevalence of the Web, where everyone’s expressing an opinion, it’s still a scary thing to “out” oneself. This is because most of us still live in the “real” world with bosses, co-workers, and associates who have conventional beliefs. Expressing any thoughts or beliefs outside this mainstream view could be dangerous. I’m not afraid of losing a job or a friendship over my beliefs. I am petrified of being misunderstood. That’s why, generally speaking, I keep my trap shut.

This blog is my trap. It’s going to be open.

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