Week One

Week one of the baseball season’s in the books. As a fan of the White Sox, there’s not a ton to get out of the 3-3 record. I’ll go via bullet point:

Pitching is good. Five of six starts were quality, and the other one was mainly a bullpen implosion. Mike MacDougal’s new nickname is “The Arsonist”.

Sunday’s leadoff hitter, Brent Lillibridge, had one walk in spring training. He had two yesterday. I call that an outlier. DeWayne Wise is on the verge of getting benched and Brian Anderson isn’t much better.

Josh Fields has been good in the field and at the plate. He might stick as the number two hitter in the order.

Alexei Ramirez will not have a slugging percentage under his batting average for long.

Runs scored against the Royals: 5

Runs scored against the Twins: 19

Series that featured the “real” Sox offense: Hopefully the Twins.

Carlos Quentin and the previously mentioned Mr. Lillibridge are the only two hitters with a positive BB/K mark.

I also won the opening series of my fantasy baseball season. I was saved by a Sunday miracle. James Shields, Aaron Harang, Erik Bedard, and Jose Valverde combined for 25.1 scoreless innings. Those innings got me over the top in wins, ERA, and WHIP. My opponent had ten starting pitchers to my five.

The NFL schedule “drops” tomorrow at 7 p.m. Looks like I better get the TiVo rolling. The NFL’s still in a weird place with their network. It’s kind of like their Direct TV deal. While they are the most popular sport in all the land, their main platform is only available to a third of the country. I doubt that even a third of the country can get Direct TV, or would be willing to go satellite solely so they can get all the games. Because of an ongoing legal issue between Comcast and the NFL Network, I might not get the channel anymore starting in May. These kinds of issues don’t make sense coming from a league that tends to do things the right way for their fans.

I just saw that the NFL draft starts at 4 p.m. on Saturday. The first day is only two rounds, but it still will end way past my dad’s bed time. Part of me wants to watch it all and part of me wants to wait until Sunday and catch up. One minute a pick’s a long time for my local fantasy draft, so 15 is torture.

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