NFL draft, delayed

It’s 10:48 p.m. in Atlanta and I am watching the draft on TiVo. I knew prior to leaving the house at 4:45 knowing that Matthew Stafford got more guaranteed money than Albert Haynesworth and Jason Smith was the number two pick.

Let’s do this thing, TiVo fast-forward style. The Chiefs take Tyson Jackson, a DE out of LSU. I had barely heard of this guy prior to the draft. I love how Herm Edwards is an “expert” at ESPN. He’s at the second table. I will fast forward any time ESPN refers to his expertise.

The Seahawks take Aaron Curry. Curry was supposedly the top player in the draft. Seattle already had two solid linebackers. I like the pick.

In the biggest move of the day, the Jets traded with the Browns for the number five overall pick. I have not seen good things about juniors at QB making it in the NFL, but this year two are taken in the top five. Mark Sanchez is a Jet. It’s not a bad trade either way, as the Jets threw some players in and only had to give up their second round pick. The Browns get Brett Ratliff and two other players.

The Bengals take Andre Smith, the tarnished offensive lineman out of Alabama. Smith got suspended for the Crimson Tide’s Sugar Bowl and left early from the combine. No matter.

The Raiders take the first obvious “tools” pick of the draft with Darius Heyward-Bey of Maryland. I had Heyward-Bey on my college fantasy team, and he rarely cracked my lineup. I could start four wide receivers in that league. I’m just saying. I feel Troy Williamson 2.0 coming up.

The Jags, aka sparkly helmet, are up next. While I thought that Michael Crabtree could be the guy, they take Eugene Monroe, tackle out of Virginia. The main reason why the Jags fell so far last year was their offensive line. Take a starting left tackle and call me in the morning.

The Packers are up next. Since cameras are in the grill of every player, we know who’s going to be picked well before he’s picked. B.J. Raji is smiling and on his cell phone at least five minutes before the Packers take him. Raji is supposedly an ideal 3-4 nose tackle, and the Packers are going to the 3-4. Good for them. I don’t like making such a dramatic shift on D when you don’t seem to have the personnel.

The 49ers are up, and Crabtree is the obvious pick. I don’t know if Crabtree is the in same nebula as Jerry Rice. He’s the first guy to win two Biletnikoff awards, given to the top wideout in college. Crabtree won as a freshman and as sophomore. I think he’s the top “skill position” player in the draft. Good pick by the 49ers, and they didn’t have to do a thing.

The Bills take Aaron Maybin. All I know about him is that he went to Penn State and that he’s a redshirt sophomore. Mel Kiper “Boom, he’s a pass rusher.” That’s all I need to know.

After signing every scrub RB in the league, the Broncos take Knowshon Moreno. I guess he’s the guy. See you later, Correll Buckhalter. Didn’t the Broncos suck at defense last year? I forget. It must have been Jay Cutler’s fault.

This draft’s moving quickly. The Redskins take Brian Orakpo. While I am not a scout, Orakpo was pretty solid versus the Missouri Tigers last year. I guess he’s a defensive end.

I thought the neon green Seahawks hat was ugly. The yellow Redskins hat is pretty close.

The Saints take Malcolm Jenkins, who I hope is slightly better than Mike Jenkins. He’s a “slow” cornerback. At least the Saints took defense instead of jumping on “Beanie” Wells when they already have a good guy in Pierre Thomas.

I really have no idea who’s the best linebacker out of USC. Brian Cushing goes to the Texans. Is he the WLB?

The Chargers select Larry English out of Northern Illinois. English was a DE in college but is an OLB in the NFL. That’s a future pick.

The Browns trade down again. The Bucs trade up two slots, giving up a sixth-rounder for the effort. It’s probable that the Bucs will take Josh Freeman. Freeman was easily the 8th best QB in the Big 12 last year. He’s tall, he has Daunte Culppeper-esque skills on the ground, and has upside. It makes sense since I gave a lot to trade for Byron Leftwich in a dynasty league. Josh Johnson’s value has dropped.

The Broncos are up. Will they take a defensive player? Chris Berman says “so much has happened.” I yawn. Broncos take Robert Ayers, DE from Tennessee. Hey, it’s another guy who puts up middling efforts yet has all of the talent in the world.

Jeremy Maclin goes to Philadelphia. That’s a good value. He can at least return kicks and punts to start, although DeSean Jackson is a similar guy. Interesting. Has a team traded down three times like the Browns have today?

The Lions take Brandon Pettigrew, the top two-way tight ends in the draft. I don’t know how high his upside is, but he can help a team with not a lot of blocking.

After all this wait, the Browns take Alex Mack out of California. He’s a center with “upside”.

The Vikings take Percy Harvin. OK. Harvin is an athlete.

The Pats trade to the Ravens, who get Michael Oher. I think it’s a good pick.

I’m going to fast forward to the Titans’ pick. I’m getting way too sleepy to stay up.

Donald Brown to the Colts? Joseph Addai’s value just fell to the ground.

The Giants take Hakeem Nicks. It’s time.

The Titans take a receiver in Kenny Britt. This was after the ESPN crew talked up Chris “Beanie” Wells, who gave Titan fans heart attacks. Another running back? OK, WR was a big need, and other than having an attitude, Britt looks like a potential WR1 who can block.

Good night, all.

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