Random draft diary part two

While my Internet connection decides to be annoying, I’ll go with my diary part two here. It’s more about observations than anything else.

I liked it when ESPN moved to Connor Barwin’s living room. Both Barwin and his mom were texting. Good times.

When Mel Kiper and Todd McShay “faced off”, it was as compelling as Bill Belichick talking to Eric Mangini. It’s obvious that they don’t like each other, and they gave zero insight to the first round. Yes, Heyward-Bey was a reach. I think my 96-year-old grandmother could have come up with that nugget.

While I wasn’t paying attention, the Patriots managed to get nearly half of the second-round picks. That’s where you can get some good values. When they took Ron Brace, a defensive tackle out of Boston College, it was officially the first player selected whom I had never heard of. The Pats need help at LB but they must like Brace. It was a rare trade up for the Pats, who gave up three picks to the Raiders to move up seven spots.

The Pats go defense with their first three picks. I’d say that D was their big need, although offensive line and running back are issues as well. My friend Paul has to be happy because he’s a Pats uber fan and a UConn alum.

With all of the talk of the Jags going QB or WR, they were really smart in going tackle with their first two picks. OL was a major issue last year and they’ve gone without “stud” wideouts since the Jimmy Smith/Keenan McCardell era.

I like how Everette Brown, DE out of Florida State who’s dropping like a rock, is at home but wearing a suit. Way to spend your pre-draft money wisely, guy.

This is when the draft gets confusing, with teams picking during commercials. I’m going to only recognize skill position guys from now on.

The Panthers are the final team to make their first pick. They take the guy wearing the suit.

Between last night and this morning, I’m going to get through the first two rounds just in time for round three to begin.

Pat White goes to the Dolphins. It’s an interesting pick since Pennington is the guy and Henne is the QB of the future. They’re drafting QBs like the Titans drafted RBs. Maybe they finally got it right. He could start as a gimmick/Wildcat guy and move on to being a full-time QB. But can he be their QB when he’s a left-hander and they just threw a ton of money at a left tackle in last year’s draft? The team got more interesting for sure.

The Raiders grab the first player that no one in the draft room has heard of shy of Mel Kiper. I can relate, though. The Titans took an unknown DT out of Eastern Michigan last year and it worked out. Knowing the Raiders, when they go out on a limb, it always works out.

And my TiVo runs out midway through the second round. I didn’t know that they were changing stations to show NBA basketball. I find out later that the Titans took Sen’Derrick Marks, a defensive tackle with a unique name. Other than that, I got nothin’.

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