Tecmo Break

After four hours of NFL draft excitement, I started to look like Bill Cosby wearing his Temple outfit. I took a Tecmo break.

My mighty Bears had been defeated by the Vikings in the previous week. To be more accurate, it was Chicago losing to Minnesota. I led 17-10 going into the fourth quarter but fell apart and gave up 20 straight points. This team had a tough defense.

I started well, returning a short kickoff for a score. Minnesota had a long return and scored back. The game went back and forth, tied 17-17 going into the final quarter. On fourth and six an outside run blasted the purple guys into the end zone. My next drive ended on a fourth-down sack. If the other team calls your play, you are screwed. On the next drive I was able to get an interception. It was time for my running back to take over. I scored with less than 30 seconds to go. I wondered if there was an overtime option.

With 14 seconds to go, Minnesota had a fourth and five. Instead of punting, they went for it. They ran the WR reverse which can’t be too shocking the 12th time in the game. I read it and made the stop. Starting at the 40, I needed a few yards to get into field goal range. I was stuffed on first and second, but on third down got inside the 35. It was time for a 52-yard attempt with less than five seconds. I was glad that I didn’t have to adjust for side to side or wind. I got all of it and the Chicagoans were still undefeated.

I might need another game before I can start on the draft again. If Todd McShay and Mel Kiper could liven things up with a “two men enter, one man leaves” style cage match, that would be great.

Edited to add that I played “Dallas” in the following week. This is the Year 2 of the Jimmy Johnson era. I crushed the semi-Cowboys, who looked like Columbia University, 49-13 to give me a division championship. The rest of my games will be playoffs. Can I bring home a title? I know you’re all very excited, especially you Mr. Funk. Don’t forget my Wii Bowling title from last night.

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  1. Anonymous April 26, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    i am not too happy about the defeat. i pushed the ball too early and hard to make the points I needed. In competition, with you I often tighten up wanting the outcome to turn out like I invisioned it…BUT…NO…YOU held on just enough to claim a victory…I know one thing…I’ll be BACK.

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