Trading Down

There’s no substitute for experience. In my two dynasty leagues I will be entering rookie drafts six and five, respectively. I have the 1.02 rookie pick in one league, and trying to decide who to take is difficult. To begin my research, I’m going to look at top five picks since 2005.

1. Ronnie Brown (hasn’t been a stud, but he’s still a RB2)
2. Cadillac Williams (ouch, literally; he was traded straight up for Fred Jackson last year)
3. Cedric Benson (may still have a little value)
4. JJ Arrington (I fell for his charms in another league)
5. Braylon Edwards
D’oh pick: 12. Frank Gore (yeah, by the same guy who got Peyton Manning and LaDanian Tomlinson in the redraft)

1. Reggie Bush (we had such high hopes)
2. Laurence Maroney (oh, boy)
3. DeAngelo Williams (left for dead prior to 2008, reason #501 why you NEVER GIVE UP ON RUNNING BACKS IN FANTASY FOOTBALL)
4. Joseph Addai (three years later, his replacement was drafted)
5. LenDale White (decent value)
D’oh pick: 11. Maurice Jones-Drew (the reason why picks at the end of the first round are like lottery picks)

1. Adrian Peterson (looking good)
2. Calvin Johnson (rare WR taken this high who’s worth it)
3. Marshawn Lynch (million dollar talent, ten cent head)
4/5. JaMarcus Russell/Brady Quinn (oh my)
No sleeper here

1. Darren McFadden (didn’t start well)
2. Jonathan Stewart (pre-DeAngelo Williams breakout looked studly)
3. Rashard Mendenhall (gets an incomplete to go with his Super Bowl ring)
4. Kevin Smith (situation over draft slot)
5. Matt Forte (worked out OK)
Year of the RB with 7. Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton as the 31st player taken

In 2004, I took Julius Jones at 1.02. Steven Jackson was on the board. Yeah, it’s going to be a tough one.

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