Trade winds

As I watch the replay of the Titans/Colts Monday Night game from last year, I’ll write about my efforts to trade my 1.02 rookie pick in z34.

Bernard Berrian is my top wide receiver in z34. Somehow I made the playoffs last year. Now, I only have Marion Barber and Matt Forte at RB, so I could use the RB that is the typical pick at 1.02.

While watching Mean Girls on ABC Family, my wife made the horrible mistake of checking to see if we still got the NFL Network. Comcast and the NFL Network are feuding over who can fleece their customers for more money. It’s a stalemate.

I watch because I was at the game. The Titans attempted a college football-like blue-out which was moderately successful. The victory over the juggernaut Colts was huge as it let the Titans take the division title. Manning’s offseason surgery gave them too much of a gap to make up at the end of the year.

As for the offers. . . I’ll just list them below.

Offer one: Chad Johnson, straight up. Do notice a trend of people offering players who were way more valuable a year ago. Johnson was second to Holt in his amazing drop in production last yer. Mr. Ocho Cinco had no fewer than 87 catches and seven touchdowns in the last five years. Last year he caught 53 passes and four touchdowns. He is 31 and could be a good buy-low candidate. The 1.02 pick is not low.

Offer two: Randy Moss, straight up. Moss set the league on fire in 2007, setting a record with 23 touchdown catches. Last year his numbers dropped, although he still scored 11 touchdowns. I have no doubt that Moss will be a dominating presence for the Patriots during the next two seasons. After that, I’m not so sure. I did once trade the 1.04 pick for Tiki Barber, knowing that it was Barber’s final season. The 1.04 was Joseph Addai.

Chad Simpson is tearing the Titans up in the second half. The Titans are struggling on run D midway through the third quarter, trailing 7-6. Manning’s just missing some touchdown opportunities. And then Dallas Clark is wide open for the 14-6 lead.

The NFL Network is nice enough to show Rob Bironas’s field goal to beat the Colts in 2006.

Hey, look, Alge catches the ball and doesn’t fumble. We can safely say that the Crumpler pickup was not as lucrative as we thought.

The third offer . . . Terrell Owens and Willis McGahee. This would have been a heckuva offer last year. McGahee has a large cap number and could be let go by the Ravens. Owens has a one-year deal and the best-case scenario would be for him to have a good “honeymoon” season and sign one last long-term deal. I can Pasadena on this one.

I like that there have been so many offers. The 1.02 has so much potential. I want a solid sure thing to make the deal. Right now, I’m leaning toward holding on to the pick.

Titans tie it up. Going for two with three minutes to go in the third quarter still doesn’t seem right. Since it worked, we’re happy.

I’m going to sit back, relax, and enjoy a game from a season that could have been so much more. I’ll try to remember what it felt like that night.

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