Staying organized can be a full-time task. This afternoon, while taking a break from work, I researched my choice for the 2.12 rookie draft pick in z17. In the end it was a debate between Gartrell Johnson and Rey Maualuga. It’s the eternal debate in IDP leagues. Running backs are the “pretty, shiny things” and generally turn into a Porsche with a Yugo engine. When you have a 65% chance of a LB pick working out as opposed to a 10% chance of the RB pick working, you finally get to a tipping point. I took Maualuga, mainly because his last name is spelled close to “maul”.

I asked one of my fantasy football brethren to help me make my pick. As you could understand, once I did, he asked me for help on his upcoming pick. Thanks to the magic of chat file transfer, he included his team spreadsheet. It was pretty. It was cleaner and way more organized than mine. Naturally, I stole it.

I looked over my messy zealots dynasty spreadsheet. I had nearly 40 sheets within it. There was no summary page. It would have made an auditor who went over the Enron financial records groan. I like to keep track of my teams from start to finish. This does not mean that there is a rhyme or reason. Nothing’s better than going back and seeing who I took when, and who I might have taken instead.

Am I spending too much time on this? Am I asking this after I spent the last hour not only organizing the sheet, but filling in gaps like my entire z34 draft history? At least I will have a good record of my “sound” decisions in the future. Now I know where to find things, which will allow me to be more efficient. I think.

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