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After a year of rebuilding a barren farm system, the White Sox tried to undo it by trading for Jake Peavy. Peavy has some truly frightening contract numbers coming up through 2013. Frankly, the Sox need two Peavys at least to turn things around.

Peavy turned them down. Odds are he’ll be wearing Cubbie blue before the season’s over.

Fantasy football time. I finished one rookie draft and started another. My z17 haul:

1.12: Percy Harvin, WR Vikings
He’s competing for a starting role with fellow upsider Sidney Rice. He’s wicked fast. The combination of him playing a quasi-RB role at Florida and the fact that most Florida wideouts fail in the NFL was irresistible.

2.12: Rey Mauluga, LB Bengals
Is taking a Bengal ever a good idea? Their defense actually wasn’t bad in the second half of the season. Mauluga should get a lot of tackles.

3.12: 2010 2nd round pick
It’s a no-brainer now. Due to the strangeness of this year’s rookie drafts I got players I considered at this pick later.

4.12: Jared Cook, TE Titans
Will he learn to block? Will the Titans ask him to block? He’ll make a few plays this year and could be fantasy relevant in 2010.

5.12: Louis Delmas, S Lions
I was saved when MFL listed him as a cornerback. He was the last of the “big 3” rookie safeties.

6.12: DeAndre Levy, LB Lions
He could be the MLB for the Lions. Usually I’m left to draft an undrafted free agent running back at this spot. Unlike most 6th rounders, he could be of use.

In z34, I had my usual commish issues in getting the draft rolling. I added a new owner and classically flip-flopped when I said I wouldn’t start the draft until all 12 owners checked in. As soon as the owner who had the #1 pick signed in, I “mashed the button”. At 1.02 I took Crabtree after a bit of flailing. I spent a few hours thinking over 1.08 today. I could have gone with one of the rookie QBs, which was probably the better investment. I went with Hakeem Nicks.

I’ve always drafted better in z17, which technically makes no sense. The only difference I see is that in z17 I have a good team, and therefore can take the best player instead of the best player at a position of need. For every Greg Jennings there’s a Brian Calhoun.

Here’s why 1.08 is such a tough spot:

2008 1.08 pick (me): Ray Rice
2007 1.08 pick (me): Michael Bush
2006 1.08 pick (not me): Vince Young
2005 1.08 pick: Troy Williamson

There are moments of brilliance, but no stars here.

And to make it even more tortuous, look at the top four wideouts taken in the 2005 rookie draft: Braylon Edwards, Mark Clayton, Mike Williams, Troy Williamson. Only one of these guys would be considered a fantasy starter this year.

The only upside to taking two rookie first-round wideouts is that there’s a better chance of one not being a bust. That’s my deep thinking so far.

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