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This will be another blog about fantasy football. For Don I will mention that he destroyed me in Wii bowling. The victories were destruction at a level I haven’t seen since all of the NFL beat writers decided to give up on the Titans (21 out of 22 starters back, hello). In Peter King’s cover story about Mr. Brady mentions the Ravens and the Steelers as the top obstacles to a Patriot return to the Super Bowl. I think the Titans, Colts, and Chargers will have something to say about it. Another three or four teams will contend.

I’ll move on. Have you ever noticed how a movie or TV show from, say, 30 years ago seems so very slow by today’s standards? In horror movies you used to have to wait up to an hour to see any action. Now things are too fast-paced. Our rookie draft is not fast paced. It’s hard to juggle a fantasy life with a real one. Now that school’s out, a few of our owners are going on vacation. For a couple of days, we had two. The Dolphins fan who lives in Iowa was out for a few days. The draft stalled for almost a day at his third-round pick. He traded it, which stalled things just a little bit longer. As Commish, you have to check the league site almost every hour in case there’s a trade. I’m sure that my boss understands. I have responsibilities.

There are interesting draft theories this year. The Jags fan who lives in Ohio traded his 2010 1st round pick for pick 1.12. There’s an 8.25% chance that the pick will be valued the same as this year. He took Aaron Curry. It was a bit curious. Curry probably is the best LB prospect in a while. But this could end up being the number one pick. Don’t even ask me to speculate on the number one rookie running back for 2010 just yet. I’m still learning how to spell Maualuga.

The Jags fan also traded his 2010 2nd round pick for 3.03 from the Dolphins. Now he has no picks until the second day, at least in NFL terms. The pick was Juaquin Iglesias. I thought that his latest single sucked. Iglesias is in a good situation with the Bears. He’s also one of those so-called polished receivers who has little upside and generally turns into Travis Wilson. Iglesias murdered Missouri every time they played, so naturally I have a bias against him. It does look like there are about 15 rookie wideouts in this year’s draft who could be Brandon Marshall and who could be Paul Williams. That’s the main reason I haven’t ranked players other than the very top guys.

I got Cedric Peerman at 3.08. Before the draft, he was considered a top-five rookie back. What happened is he dropped to the sixth round and is in a crowded Baltimore backfield. I now have Peerman and Ray Rice, who could be the three and four guys in the rotation. If Willis McGahee is traded (unlikely) or released (not impossible), I might have something.

Oh yeah. The Matt Wieters era is about to begin for the Buckhead Sucktards. I expect nothing but home runs in his first seven at-bats. And if he could get a few stolen bases and maybe close a couple of games, that would be nice as well. I don’t ask for much. With Wieters coming up and Ryan Ludwick about to be un-DL’d, I have some roster moves to consider. I’ll probably reach the halfway point of our allotted 40 waiver moves by the end of June. Every year I promise myself to save some moves for the playoffs and every year it doesn’t happen.

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