A man named Stanley

I’m watching Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals. Is there a cooler trophy than the Cup? The first goal, when a puck went off the boards, the goalie’s pads and into the net, is a type of score you just don’t see in the NFL. No one scores by accident.

It’s a matchup of last year’s finals. I like the Red Wings’ red and white look. Any team that sticks with the one color on white, like the Indy Colts, has a simplicity that no one else can match. I prefer the old-school gold that the Penguins used to have. I’d like to see an example of a team that changed their jersey look and improved it.

The Penguins have played well, but they’re not taking advantage of power play opportunities. Stealing game one on the road would be huge.

It’s interesting that when you go to ebay the hockey jerseys are “made in Canada”. That is not the case for the NFL jerseys.

Here’s a deep dynasty football trade worth investigating. The Rams, aka mister trade, swapped Jamal Charles and Shawn Nelson for Andre Bradshaw, Mike Goodson, and the 6.11 pick. This trade gives Tick three of the four Giant running backs, and two of the three top guys for Carolina. That’s four trades for the Rams so far during our draft. Draft time is a good time to deal because picks never have more value than when the draft is running.

One method of dynasty owning is to “lock up” a position. If I’m thinking that way, I should offer the Rams Danny Ware for Kevin Jones. I would be able to back up Matt Forte, and I’ve heard good things about Jones this offseason. Still, Danny Ware has a chance to be a piece of that Giant running game.

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    Hi! Good idea, but will this really work?

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