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I did it. I gave into temptation. I had to get back into my rookie dynasty draft’s fifth round to get a tight end. Initially my offer was going to be a 2010 4th rounder. To get 5.03, that would be an even deal. But what if I could give up another player and not lose a pick? I went that route.

A couple of weeks ago, I offered my dad Kirk Morrison for Osi Umenyiora. I thought that was an even deal. As you can see, Kirk Morrison is a steady performer. I also thought about offering my second round pick for Umenyiora, which meant I thought that Morrison was worth a second round pick.

I was going to offer Morrison straight up for the 5.03. At the last minute I updated to trade to add a 2010 5th rounder. The trade was quickly accepted. I fell for the now trap.

Morrison has almost 500 tackles in his four-year career, nearly 400 of them have been solo. He’s not a pass-rusher, as is evidenced by his three career sacks. Still, you’re looking at a guy who will be a starter at linebacker perhaps for the next five to seven years. While I did get Morrison as an undrafted rookie, what I got in return has to be pretty solid to make up for the middle linebacker’s production.

I drafted Chase Coffman. I fell for the double whammy of NOW and a homer pick. Has there ever been a solid Bengal TE? Other than David Ross, who shares the all-time lead with 12 receptions in a Super Bowl, there’s not much.

That 2010 5th rounder better be high in the round.

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