Penguins/Red Wings, First Period

We’re at the 17:06 point in the first period of game six in the Stanley Cup finals. If the Red Wings win, they will celebrate a championship in Pittsburgh for the second straight year. Has a team won consecutive titles on the road in the same game of the series before?

It’s also the “prime time” start of the MLB draft. There is much excitement. By some people. I did see a mock draft, which has to be a first. I have to see how many rounds there are. When you look back at drafts’ past, a “good” draft has two guys who made the major leagues. That’s slightly different than the NFL.

Power play for the Penguins. The Red Wings have had the lead in all five games. After watching a lot of playoff hockey, I think I can name four Red Wings, if that.

In the NFL, a player is stuck if he declares for the draft and hires an agent. In baseball, a player who isn’t a college senior doesn’t sign an agent but has an “adviser” until signing a deal. A high school senior can sign but has a potential college scholarship as leverage. A two-year college sophomore can be drafted, not sign, but sign after another year of school. A college junior can use a senior year or independent league as leverage. And if you’re good, you’re going to play in Ogden, Utah, this fall. I don’t wonder why America hasn’t bought in yet.

Penguins blew the power play. Bartolo Colon is on the DL for the Sox, which means that Aaron Poreda will make his major league debut this week. If you’re in a fantasy league, I’d wait to pick him up. Poreda needs to work on his secondary pitches.

The White Sox selected Jared Mitchell of LSU with their 23rd overall pick. Mitchell is called an “athlete”, which is exactly what you want with your first round pick. Jordan Danks is the center fielder of the future, but there is need for a guy who might take over for Jermaine Dye in a year or two. The ESPN guy calls it a reach, which is pretty much how the Sox roll every year when they have a pick outside the top ten.

The Penguins have a big shot advantage, but haven’t drawn blood. If the Red Wings take the lead, and so far they have in every game, it will be tight sphincter time.

Power play number two is on the way, after this commercial break.

Major League Baseball has things figured out in one way. In the first round, it’s four minutes between picks. The draft is a three-day affair. Dude.

Penguins blow another power play. I’m paying more attention to the MLB draft, which is really sad.

It’s 0-0 after one period. I’ll be back after this short break.

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