Penguins/Red Wings, Second Period

I watched an entire “Daily Show” during the intermission. Jared Mitchell is “ridiculously excited to join the White Sox.” When do we tell him that he’s probably going to Winston-Salem?

I kind of respect how Chris Osgood wears a normal goalie mask. There’s no crazy artwork, just plain red. Any guy who’s won two Stanley Cups can wear whatever he wants.

Gordon Beckham is the quickest White Sox to get to the majors since Alex Fernandez. Beckham is 0-13 in his MLB debut.

I’d like to go to Twitter or ESPN but since my TiVo is about 11 minutes behind, I don’t want to hear about the future, so to speak.

The Penguins are going all out to block shots on D. It’s the best I’ve seen them play defensively all series. There’s nothing like blocking a puck going a hundred miles an hour. These guys have to be seriously bruised.

The original Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 was a taut, very 70s thriller. I think I’ll pass on the remake. I think remakes of semi-obscure films should get updated names. Who’s with me?

So far this game feels like the Penguins want it a bit more and Detroit thinks that they can win it at home. If the Penguins make a mistake, the Red Wings will take advantage.

With their second pick, the White Sox take Joshua Phegley, a catcher from Indiana University. He might be like Tyler Flowers in that he can hit but may not be a major league catcher.

Penguins get a break when a puck hits off the post and is cradled by Fleury. This one-goal game is too tight.

The Penguins have a big flurry in the final minute that Osgood pushes aside. We’re going to the third period.

Oh yeah, the eight-time shut out White Sox are losing to Dontrelle Willis. Good times.

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