Penguins/Red Wings, Third Period

What happens when a man blogs after drinking 2/3 of a bottle of Two Buck Chuck Shiraz? We’re about to find out. The Penguins lead 1-0. It’s tight and tense. A bunch of Canadians are really excited.

I like Pierre McGuirre on the bench. Can you imagine a real NFL analyst on the sideline during the game? This guy’s maybe two feet from each team.

If I was as medicated as my cat, I’d be taking about 15 pills a day. This is a high-maintenance feline.

Kennedy scores. There’s nothing like the chest-bump of the glass after a goal. Can’t beat it. Hockey players have too much equipment to have inappropriate celebrations.

We’re on the verge of game seven, on vacation eve for me. I have important things to do that night, like buy beer.

Four draft picks by the Sox in the books. Three offensive guys and one pitcher.

Whew. I watched Penguins fight off two power play opportunities for the Red Wings. We’re down to the final four minutes. Can they hold it off for the final 200 seconds?

I like that the Penguins are pushing it in the end instead of trying to keep the Red Wings out of the net.

Man. One-on-one breakaway is pushed away by Fleury. It’s like the final five minutes of the Super Bowl.

Broadcaster call of the game: “There’s lots of room between the legs.”

About 12 people fit in the crease there with 13.2 seconds left. It’s a close one. Defender ended up playing goalie at the end. Three saves by a freaking defender. That’s as close you can get to giving up a tying goal without actually doing it.

The Penguins win, and it’s time to go to Detroit. I like that the backup goalie wears a hat, but no one else does.

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