One Game, One Champion

I was going to eat my panang chicken and TiVo through the pre-game. I decided to hang out and see what NBC was up to. When they showed the announcers performing mock pre-game speeches in empty locker rooms, I guffawed. It had the right combination of levity and comedy. Lou Holtz couldn’t have done it better.

The last road team to win a championship game 7 was the Pirates in the 1979 World Series. If the last time something “championship” happened and it involves the Pirates, it has been a long time.

In the first few minutes, Detroit’s making more plays. If they can overcome these jitters, it might work out. I don’t know if there’s any other sport equivalent to winning the puck against the boards only to get crushed by the guy who “lost” the race.

If you name your son “Evgeni”, he has no choice but to be tough, right? He has a better chance than your Jimmy or Jason.

Muhammad Ali is wearing a Red Wings jersey. What’s the appearance fee for him these days? And where does he think he is?

It’s time for the first power play and the first “NFL safety takes out slot receiver, except on ice” hit of the game. The Penguins had possession for most of the two minutes but they weren’t able to get a clear shot. Nice D there by Detroit.

As the game progresses, I’ll throw in some links to great jerseys. Here’s the 1980 team USA sweater. It’s hard to beat that.

Here’s another cool one. If it’s between that and the Charleston Chiefs jersey, I just don’t know.

I am as excited about the upcoming Transformers movie as my wife is about the upcoming football season. She does enjoy the hockey intermission back massages.

The Red Wings turn it over and the Penguins take the lead. Being in the lead in Game 7 . . . priceless.

We have a rare four-on-four situation. The announcer pulls the “Red Wings haven’t scored on a four-on-four situation” jinx. Stupid announcer.

You can’t go wrong with old-school CCCP, as seen in Clerks.

Crosby’s going to the locker room. . . not good.

Max Talbot takes it top shelf. Oh my, it’s 2-0. I did not expect this.

If you are a fan and you can get to Detroit, is there any way you don’t try to make it to game seven? There aren’t many moments like this in sports.

Here’s another winner jersey. Why doesn’t Hartford still have a team?

The Red Wings are trying to get the last-minute goal. It was close, but no dice. Penguins are 20 minutes from a title.

To prove my utility as a husband, I watched an episode of Dress My Nest with the wife during the intermission. I am well-rounded.

The Red Wings get an early penalty opportunity. Crosby may not make it back.

I love seeing the guy with white gloves wiping down the Stanley Cup. Someone’s drinking Iron City out of that cup pretty soon. Either that or Miller Lite.

And when I thought Detroit seemed out of it, they score and cut the lead to one with a little more than six minutes to go. It’s going to be pucker time in Pittsburgh.

200 seconds to go and Crosby’s out. One breakaway is all they need to ice this one.

Wings hit the crossbar with 101 seconds to go. It was the bottom of the crossbar. 77 seconds to go. Timeout, Detroit.

It’s going to be 6 on 5 in a second. Offside called with 32 seconds to go. Come on guys, one more clear.

It’s tipped out with 16.1 seconds to go. Puck may go to center, which is a good thing. Puck freezes again with 6.5. OK, it’s pretty much down to this face off. Two shots are deflected and the Penguins win the title.

I guess Pittsburgh is OK if the Pirates have another losing season.

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  1. John June 17, 2009 at 8:42 am #

    Muhammad Ali lives in Michigan. And he's well aware of where he is. The Parkinson's affects his motor skills but his cognitive function is intact.

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