This will be my 350th blog. In these blogs I’ve had about half a dozen comments. I just got my first comment that requires me to print a retraction.

In my previous blog, I stated that Muhammad Ali didn’t know where he was. I’ll post the comment here:

Muhammad Ali lives in Michigan. And he’s well aware of where he is. The Parkinson’s affects his motor skills but his cognitive function is intact.

So there’s that. I apologize to Ali. If we ever meet, he has the right to punch me in the face. Since he might not be able to do that, I can punch myself in the face.

In conclusion, Detroit can still suck it because the Penguins won. The Red Wings have 11 Stanley Cup titles. The Penguins have three. I can think of many losses less devastating than a Game 7 the year after you won the title. Trust a man who cheers for the Titans and White Sox, two franchises that have much dust on their few trophies.

Feel free to follow my vacation diary at Zachrilige. Today I’ll write about the first day, aka setting the scene.

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