Training Camp

Twitter has put a whole new spin on training camp. I can get updates from beat writers, fantasy guys, and random people who go to the practices. I’m not sure if I feel more informed, but it’s interesting. What did I learn today? No one worked out Vick. Vick appeared in court with his bankruptcy lawyers. If I were a bankruptcy lawyer, I’d want to get paid in cash. Basically Vick watch has taken over for Favre watch without any slip in over-reportage.

First round draft picks are starting to sign. Kenny Britt of the Titans, aka the Human Hamstring Injury, is unsigned. He’s the last Titan draft pick to sign. I think he’ll be in camp in a day or two. The most interesting unsigned guys are Michael Crabtree, Percy Harvin, and Jeremy Maclin.

If I were Richie Incognito, the only member of the Rams offensive line not to sign a giant contract I might be more pissed off than usual. Jason Smith just signed and he certainly got $30 million plus in bonuses. Jason Brown signed a huge free agent deal and so did guard Jacob Bell. You can’t blame the Rams for locking up their offensive line. Maybe Marc Bulger won’t be such a rag doll this year.

While I am enjoying my zealots masters draft, I think I’m glad that after this one is over I have one draft left this year. Drafting is fun but team maintenance is a time-consuming gig. While I’m figuring out who my sixth wideout is going to be (Nate Burleson), teams in my league are making trades. I have my big draft in a couple of weeks and I have to be prepared. They say no true war plan survives the first minute of combat. No draft strategy survives well in the live format, where you get real distraction and a real large amount of alcohol.

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