Just when you thought it was safe to ignore preseason football…

Yes, preseason football is boring. It is longer than the “director’s cut” of a Quentin Tarantino movie. It tells us as much about our teams as that guy who wore the freaky glasses at the World Series of Poker a few years ago.

And there’s Brandon Marshall. I’m so glad I drafted him in two leagues. It’s always good to have a guy on your team who doesn’t know the playbook and apparently doesn’t care to do so. By the way, Marshall, if you get traded, you’ll just have to learn another team’s playbook.

Then there’s a moment like I just witnessed on the NFL Network. Tyrell Sutton looked solid in Northwestern’s loss to Missouri in the Alamo Bowl last year. He’s doing well as an undrafted free agent in Green Bay’s camp. While it’s doubtful that he will make the roster, he did score a touchdown late in the game and got to do the Lambeau Leap. Due to the crappy economic situation, the difference between making a practice-squad slot and nothing is bigger than usual.

Speaking of undrafted free agents doing well, how about Chase Daniel? He went 6/8 for 58 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Redskins to a victory over the Steelers. His touchdowns were the first two of the preseason for the Skins.

It’s funny how Daniel has been derided as an NFL prospect, while his departure from Missouri’s offense has led to Missouri getting a pathetic 3 votes in the preseason AP poll. OK, Missouri’s defense was horrible this year, and they lost two starters who were NFL draft picks. There’s a new quarterback in town, and the top wide receiver is out. I could see why voters were not impressed. But Central Michigan gets more votes? Nebraska’s replacing their quarterback and beat a pretty pathetic Clemson team in last year’s Gator Bowl. Missouri beat the holy hand grenade hell out of them. Nebraska’s ranked. So is Kansas. Missouri is an afterthought. I know that consecutive Big 12 championship blowouts are the public face of Missouri. Still, can we get a little carryover respect? That’s why I think our coach is still overpaid. The school has to be considered a perennial top 25 program before you get paid like an elite coach.

And finally, yes, I’m a little concerned about the Titans’ run offense, or lack thereof. Dave Stewart, come back to us. We need you. Kevin Mawae, ditto. Is depending on a 38-year-old center a good thing?

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