Can we admit that Gary Pinkel isn’t that great of a coach? Maybe I’m a nutjob, but I don’t see any adjustments from this team. Last week they played in a driving rainstorm yet stuck with the spread offense. Gabbert wasn’t able to complete anything downfield and the offense stalled. Last night Gabbert was game, playing through a very gimpy right ankle, but he was obviously not a running threat.
One of the greatest football sins is missing opportunities. Missouri struggled in the second half yet had the ball inside OSU’s 20 twice in the final five minutes. They couldn’t score. Late in the first half with a tie score, Gabbert hit Wes Kemp downfield for a sure TD. Drop. Gabbert was extraordinarily accurate most of the night, although he did throw the ball a bit high. One throw right into Jerrill Jackson’s hands ended up being tipped for a pick six. Missouri trailed, and like last week, they folded.

I’ll give the defense credit. The offense was great in the first half but stalled in the third quarter. The defense held OSU to field goals all half. Even when there was a fumble after a kick return following the second field goal of the night, the defense stiffened. But the offense petered out.

Here’s a moment when you know your team isn’t going to get any of the good bounces. The score was 27-17 and OSU was going for a long field goal. Note that the kicker was 3-6 going into the game. He misses the kick, but OSU is flagged for delay of game. With the kick now beyond 50 yards, he nails it.

Why when it’s fourth and one does Missouri never get into the I formation and run it down the other team’s throat? I know Gabbert has a bad ankle but he could easily have moved the sticks on a couple of short-yard situations. Missouri’s run game is like Chris Johnson. Lots of no gains or one-yard gains and the occasional 15-yard scamper.

Listen, Oklahoma State is good but they’re no world-beater. They lost to a Houston team that subsequently gave up 58 to UTEP. I’m just sayin’. And looking at the Nebraska and Kansas results, the Big 12 North is up for grabs. Nebraska needed a late touchdown to score one touchdown against Texas Tech, not the beacon of defense, and Kansas lost to a Colorado team that was spanked by Toledo.

It’s all leading up to the inevitable 8-4 finish. 4-4 in the Big 12, with five games against the Big 12 North, is not an elite program. We’re Cal, a program that promises much but delivers little.

I could be a little more bitter than usual due to the fact that I don’t have a team to follow this year. The Titans are toast, although I see them being a bit frisky today. Missouri probably needs a year in the Champs Sports Bowl to match up with a second-tier program that they can beat. Perhaps I can go back to my late 80s University of Miami love, since they look like they’re back.

The only team without a win in the Big 12 North is Missouri. Mizzou-blah.

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  1. Mandie Reed October 18, 2009 at 9:38 am #

    can you believe a girl is reading about sports. lol 🙂 i can't help it i love it!

    mandie reed

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