Music City Miracle redux

Let’s talk really quickly about my NFL Network experience today. I’ve watched the 30-minute version of the Music City Miracle replay. This afternoon they showed the entire broadcast. Things that surprised me:

There was a yellow first-down marker on the field. I thought that was a recent addition.

It really was a Jeff Fisher kind of game. He had the exact strategy that led to many future playoff losses. They were the better team and found a way to lose. Until they didn’t.

The announcers, upon first viewing of the game-winning kick return, were convinced that it was a forward pass. Luckily there’s an upon further review here. It’s hard for announcers to backtrack on their original statements. You could tell that they didn’t want to turn tail.

It is interesting how we’ll see a movie on TV or in this case a replay of a football game, and even though we know the outcome we have to watch. We had to see McNair throw the ball directly into a linebacker’s forearm, and Frank Wycheck caught the pass, although on that brutal day the catch wasn’t clean or easy. What a brutal game it was. All the Titans did was run Eddie George directly into a tough Bills D line. I don’t expect the line to be as tough tomorrow.

Do Bills fans think that they were denied a deep playoff run? I would assume that the Colts would have beaten them the following week, and we’d have a Manning Super Bowl visit early or a Jacksonville bid, and most likely a loss, to the Rams.

I also find it funny that in the first season of Fringe that the main FBI agent who had experiments performed on her in a child lived in, wait for it, Jacksonville. Is that the kind of experiment that made men like to dress up in leopard spots? In that case, be afraid, be very afraid of the future.

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