Post #400 = Fantasy Football Time

The world cannot continue without a fantasy football update from yours truly. My teams are all at or above .500 again. My local fantasy keeper team moved to 5-5 while crushing the hapless Commish. I did so despite Andre Johnson’s bye week and sub-par performances from Cedric Benson and Miles Austin. With Benson’s injury I’m wondering if I should cut bait. I have to pick a starter out of Jonathan Stewart, he of the good score every other week, and this is the other week, Kevin Smith who is not much of a factor for the Lions, and Matt Forte, who’s getting enough garbage receiving stats to remain afloat. It won’t last. Brandon Marshall has no QB (Chris Simms is just another pretty face) and Austin’s scoring has decreased weekly since his breakout performance against the Chiefs. I could make the playoffs with one win but I’d like two.

In z34 I lost to the three-time defending champ. My division lead is down to a game. I play the Patriots, a team with a three game worse record than me but 50 more points scored. I need two wins. Tony Romo could do well to not suck and give me a chance.

I thought I was the golden boy in z17, but I’ve lost two games in the past month. My final game of the season will be a showdown with the other two-loss team in my conference. The winner gets a bye and the loser plays a wild-card game. Last year I came back with two wins in the final two weeks to sneak into the bye which helped me take home the title. Michael Turner is out and I’m pretty thin at RB. LenDale White has fewer points than Garrett Wolfe. Dwayne Bowe just got a four-game suspension for being a moron. My IDPs need to step it up.

After falling apart for a few weeks, my Masters team moved back into a tie for first place. The playoff settings are a bit weird. There are four “syndicates”. You play every team in your syndicate. Four teams make the playoffs in each syndicate. There’s a confusing system involving teams with best records and points scored that determine playoff eligibility. If I win this week I’m all but assured of making it at least one more week. I’m third in points, and play the worst team in the syndicate. I need to pick up a RB2 this week in waivers. Luckily there are a few candidates.

Four for four. That’s the goal. Talk about high expectations.

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