Titan review

My fantasy season is over. Arian Foster could take the blame, but it’s all on the coach. I didn’t see Jonathan Stewart’s 25-point game coming, and I certainly saw Matt Forte’s six-point effort coming.

I have Fred Davis and I need 16 more points to win. I don’t see it coming. The Giants could stop playing defense. Where was this Giants D last week?

In my z34 game, I led for a couple of hours but my relative lack of talent “won” out. My opponent scored nearly 200 points, and 200 points is the gold standard. Our German owner is enjoying his first year in the league, probably because he took over a three-time champ and is in the title game again.

Let’s talk Titans. Fans are upset that Fisher and Heimerdinger got conservative after a 24-6 lead. I think we should be happy that this team was capable of getting an 18-point lead over a playoff-caliber team. The Dolphins have zero explosion on offense but their running game is solid and Chad Henne looks like a keeper at QB.

I know that Chris Johnson is on a roll that’s almost once in a generation, but his workload might be an issue. During a carry late in the game, the Dolphins’ D line actually picked Johnson up and tried to strip the ball. It reminded me a little of the Ravens’ wishbone treatment of Johnson in the playoff game. He’s getting 30 touches a game and while you can’t argue with the results, it’s a lot for one guy, any running back honestly, to take.

Vince Young made some nice passes. All three touchdowns were in tight coverage. Justin Gage caught the ball well in his two opportunities. Nate Washington only dropped one pass.

The defense was pretty much hopeless in the fourth quarter. After Keith Bulluck was lost to a borderline tragic ACL injury, there was no stopping the Dolphins. Michael Griffin handed a long reception to Brian Hartline and made up for it by picking Henne off.

If there was any doubt that the Rob Bironas of two years ago is back, it was erased in overtime. Griffin took a knee on his pick, and Greg Camarillo hit him late, putting the Titans in automatic field goal range. The Titans all but took a knee three times. I was nervous. I had no reason to. Bironas made the 48-yarder like it was an extra point. Clutch.

Yahoo came up with a playoff scenario page that’s freaking awesome. The Titans had nearly everything come up their way, with most playoff contenders losing. The Steelers, Texans, and Ravens did not play along.

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