Whelmed with the Titans

Here’s a quick summary of the Titans’ offseason moves. They signed Eugene Amano to a giant contract. When the season was over, if someone asked me who the weak link was on the offensive line, I’d say Amano. Roos is a Pro-Bowl caliber left tackle but didn’t make the game because he’s not a running back. Dave Stewart is the mauler at right tackle who will get the occasional holding penalty. Jake Scott has been a fine free agent addition. Kevin Mawae is the crafty veteran.

Amano’s deal is five years, $25 million. Remember when that was a lot of money? Wait, it still is. The Titans obviously thought that continuity was important. They knew that Leroy Harris is ready for the starting gig, and he must be ready for the responsibility of playing center. Don’t forget that he was the starting center in the critical (at the time anyway) win over the Steelers in December of 2008.

Amano gets $12 million this year. Yeah, that’s a lot of cheddar. Compare him to former Titan Jacob Bell, who was good but not great but got a deal worth around $7 million a year from the Rams. I know, it’s the Rams. Offensive line is a premium position. One thing the Titans don’t have is depth, especially if Harris starts. The seventh rounder gets paid.

I am assuming that Amano will stay at guard while Harris will be the center. It’s possible that Amano will move to center and Harris will take over at guard. Could this offseason be less intriguing so far?

The Titans also signed Donnie Nickey. Not a lot of teams are signing players now. The only reason to make a deal so far in advance of free agency is because the player is that important to the team. Nickey has been the 53rd man on the roster, or the 45th if you count inactives, for many years. He plays special teams and the Titans make a point not to play him at his listed position of safety. I feel like an undrafted rookie could do his job but there he is, on the team every September. What’s the emotional state between overwhelmed and underwhelmed? This move leaves me whelmed.

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