Titans win! A coin flip

The Titans win! I feel like this morning’s coin-toss victory for the Titans (unconfirmed rumors state that it was heads) over the Panthers starts them at 1-0 this year. Mock NFL drafts struggled because there were three draft pick ties in the first round. The Jags and Bears flipped for the 10th pick. Only the Bears had traded the pick. They probably tanked the call. I wouldn’t be surprised if they told the Jags “go ahead and take it”. The Titans and Panthers flipped for the 16th pick. Once again, the first-round-averse Panthers traded their pick to the 49ers. The temporary owners of the pick lost to the Titans. The Falcons and Texans flipped for the 19th pick. The Falcons won. This was the only flip in which both teams had something to lose.

The Colts didn’t flip for anything, other than the pick-six that Manning flipped to Tracy Porter.

It’s very easy to get overly wrought in today’s mass media world. My minor gripe was that before the coin flip occurred, every mock draft I saw had the Titans picking 17th even though they were flipping for the pick. I guess it had to do with the 49ers getting the pick in trade and the Titans beating the 49ers last year. In your face, Panthers! I mean 49ers!

I thought there were so many tie-breakers that the coin flip wouldn’t be necessary. It’s hard to believe that with all of the advanced sabermetrics in sports that there isn’t another way to break these ties. The NFL Network didn’t even televise the flips, and they’re showing 30 hours of guys in underwear this weekend. I mean the NFL Combine.

I love how the information’s coming over Twitter regarding player size and weight. There’s a newfangled way to measure height. Instead of 6’2, the number would be 6020. If the player was 6’2 and an eighth of an inch, it would be 6021. I’m 6000, just like Toby Gerhart.

Would a player’s height, weight, and arm length help or hurt their draft stock? Quarterbacks need to be tall and so do offensive linemen, so yes. Arm length matters for linemen but I don’t know if it’s that relevant for “skill position” guys.

I’m not going to be like those people who protest too much about American Idol. I won’t say that watching the NFL Combine is a complete waste of time. The fact that I’m considering watching this means that I miss football that much. And love makes you do strange things, like watch a bunch of guys run around in shorts.

RFA tendering has started. It’s time for me to pull out the “surrender to the tender” commercial tag line. How many teams will match these tenders and sign these would-be unrestricted free agents?

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