Free agency ain’t free unless you ain’t paying

Free agency has started, and the Titans have changed. Look at the guys who wore the captain’s C last year. Kerry Collins will be a backup if not outright released. Craig Hentrich (I know, punters get to be captains?) has retired. Kevin Mawae has been all but pushed out. Kyle Vanden Bosch is the richest blue-collar guy ever. Seriously, you can’t call yourself blue collar if your salary is eight figures. Keith Bulluck is not on the team’s priority list. I may be missing someone.

Due to the tidal wave of restricted free agents, free agency as it has been is dead. When Vanden Bosch and Nate Burleson are the big names signed up in the early hours, there isn’t much “there” there. Julius Peppers will make the most money. He looks like a Bear, which means he’s only in it for the money. Expect some Haynesworth-esque grumbling when the team’s 5-7 in December. A.J. Feeley signing with the Rams was big news, relatively speaking.

The Titans locked up their restricted free agents with surprisingly high tenders. Because Bo Scaife got the franchise tag last year, his tender number was $4.9 million. Whew that’s a lot for a guy who’s average. He’s tendered at a first-round level. Stephen Tulloch, who was the rare defensive player who didn’t regress last year, got the first round tender. Tony Brown, who may sign an extension soon, got a first-round tender. LenDale White, Kevin Vickerson, and Dave Ball got second-round tenders. None of these guys did much of anything last year but I like having personnel consistency in the defensive line.

Every year free agency starts and every year fans get antsy. They act like it’s the end of the world when their team loses players and does not go after the mostly mediocre free agent crop. I think Aaron Kampman would be a good pick up. I won’t go crazy if the Titans don’t sign him.

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