The League: Bringing the funny

I have some words for The League. This is the FX show that’s a comedy following some guys who are in a fantasy league. I think I would be the perfect consultant for the show.

It’s a tough show to do because they kind of have to live in an alternative universe. In one episode a guy laments that Antonio Gates scored 40 points against his team. I checked the logs. He has one three touchdown game. I know, I know, you have to write these shows well in advance and they’re shot well before the season starts and there’s no way in Hades that you could get all of the facts right.

I do like that most of the fantasy football types are included. You have the smug champion. You have the guy who doesn’t pay attention but still wins. You have the guy who gets suckered into bad trades all the time. It’s a little weird in that there are five main characters in the league and some out of town auto drafters. I don’t know if you could do a show with 12 different characters like most leagues. And it brings the funny.

Still, in the episode where one owner “trade rapes” the other, couldn’t the guy he got have been someone besides Ronnie Brown? One owner suckers another owner by trading Plaxico Burress for Ronnie Brown. First of all, why would the first guy even have Burress on his team? It’s obviously a redraft league. Also, Brown has a season-ending injury every year. Make it for Thomas Jones or someone else who isn’t an obvious superstar.

It’s a short season, so you can blast it out on Hulu in about two hours. Speaking of Hulu, why isn’t Justified on there yet? I have Kentucky residents complaining about the accents and the uber violence already.

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