What the market will bear

For everyone who’s panicking about the Wall Street tango today, relax. Here’s a key little detail about your portfolio. What it’s worth today does not matter unless you’re selling. Remember that, have a glass of wine, and watch some hockey. It’s good for the soul.

No one can safely assume that the financial crisis is over. Drive down any street and notice the vacancies. That can’t be reversed in short order.

I feel like the worst luck investor in history. I was there during the Web bubble pop. I’ve been damaged by post 9/11 stock fluctuations and the latest financial meltdown was no party. Undeterred, I investigated six stocks and purchased them right before a market nose dive. You can lose a lot of money in a hurry. It’s not quite Vegas, but it feels like a cold streak at the blackjack tables sometime. I’m going to hold and try not to panic.

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