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I wanted to share that I’m posting at T-Rac’s Posse. Today’s post is on LenDale White’s release by the Seattle Seahawks.

My short comments.

Let me expand. First of all, LenDale White is not a difference-maker in the league. Sure, he has a 15 touchdown season and a 1,000-yard season. I think half if not all of the NFL backup running backs could have done what White did. He ran behind one of the best offensive lines in the league. When he averaged 3.9 yards a carry in 2008, Chris Johnson averaged a yard more. Last year White averaged 3.5 yards a carry. Johnson bested that by more than two yards a carry. When the Titans traded him for a slight bump in the fourth and sixth rounds, they got something out of him. That was a triumph.

Javon Ringer could do what White did. Heck, Jarrett Payton probably could do what White did.

I don’t care that White is the all-time leading touchdown scorer in USC history. In the NFL, most USC players don’t amount to squat. Look at that two-time national championship squad. Who on that team has become an NFL star? Steve Smith?

I had the good fortune to use White as a throw-in in a recent dynasty trade. Bullet dodged in my case.

Be sure to bump Justin Forsett and Julius Jones up your draft boards, fantasy folks. Seattle had the worst RB talent in the league before the NFL draft and I don’t think it’s much worse today.

Sorry, LenDale. Maybe you can team up with Daunte Culpepper in the UFL this year.

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