Sports blogs making the big time

Wow. A sports blog was purchased for seven figures. Let’s just have that sink in for a few. It means the following. You can make money on the Internet. It just isn’t going to happen to everyone. There is an aspect of timing and luck to hitting it big, but at least us small potatoes writers know that it’s possible.

That being said, it’s required to include the standard “don’t quit your day job” caveat. I like my day job. I also like the pursuit of writing whatever I feel like writing.

I’ll finish with this 2009 NFL statistical nugget of the day. The Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets were the two NFL teams last year that rushed for more yards than they passed. The Browns news isn’t shocking but the Jets side of the coin should make you think twice before drafting Mark Sanchez as anything but a joke in your fantasy league.

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