Number five is not alive

If I had a draft slot not to take in the first round, it would be the fifth slot. We’re talking normal boring redraft rules with no PPR, although PPR would just affect “The Big Four” and nobody else. The big four this year in redrafts are Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice. Number five is very unclear. You can reach for the first QB or WR. Then again, in our previous fantasy league’s redraft, Peyton Manning went number three and was the best, safest selection in the entire draft. I assume the first QB this time won’t be Manning. Frank Gore and Michael Turner come to mind when I think of number five from the RB ranks. Gore and Turner have injury issues. Gore’s on a team that is determined to be run-first with the acquisition of two first-round linemen. Atlanta is also a run-first team. Gore’s downside is his injury history. Turner’s a little more of a sure thing but he doesn’t catch a lot of passes. A dark-horse candidate who was the number one running back in all of the land two years ago is DeAngelo Williams. The Panthers are another run-first team. Jonathan Stewart looms large, probably too large in rankings. Steven Jackson has been solid but I’m not sold as him as elite. I did select Aaron Rodgers as my pick when I did a mock draft at five. I could get Brees or Manning later and be happy, although neither will be there when my first pick rolls around.

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