This just in: Vince swings

Sunday’s news of Vince Young’s incident at a Dallas-area strip club resulted in the usual comments. He’s not mature. He’s not a leader. He’s hotheaded. Nothing good happens after midnight.

One reaction fans should not have had was surprise. Did you expect more from Vince Young? One of the keys to understanding the world is knowing who people are. VY may bring the magic on Sundays, but he’s still a bit immature and not very pragmatic. When you are a highly paid football “star”, you pay guys to punch people. You don’t punch people. We’re still trying to sell Vince as a star in this league. He’s not. He could be a very good novelty act and with the best running back in the league, a great offensive line, and a receiving corps that has finally grasped the concept of catching the ball, the team can win. It’s not going to be solely because of him.

As for condemning his actions, that’s easy. If someone insulted my school, the soon to be conference-less University of Missouri at Columbia, instead of swinging I might try another tactic. I might pull the Steve Martin in Roxanne, in which he offers to give a number of better insults than the one given. Now, that didn’t go so well since Martin ended up punching someone.

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