Fantasy files: Top wideouts

Last year answered one question regarding a Texan that we’ll ask later about another player from the same team. Andre Johnson has been great in his seven-year career but there were issues. He missed seven games in 2007. He missed three games in 2005. It looked like one of those funky odd-year curses. After 2008’s 115/1575/8 season, he was a top-three pick heading into 2009. The common refrain was “injury prone”. Last year ended the brief curse. He caught 100 balls for the third time. He had 1500 receiving yards for the second year in a row. And he had eight or more touchdowns for the third consecutive year. That’s right; he caught eight touchdowns in 2007 when he missed seven games. I had him in my keeper league for the last four years and he will be missed. He looks like the top WR to draft this year in redraft, keeper, or dynasty.

The only guy who could possibly compete is Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is more of a consistent performer. I know that Kurt Warner is gone. Jake Delhomme could be his QB and he’s going to catch 90 balls. So might the other team. One stat that jumps out other than his 35 touchdowns in the past three years is his 11.3 yards per catch in 2009. It was his lowest career tally by more than two yards. I wouldn’t worry so much about that. Anquan Boldin is gone, which is a plus. Matt Leinart is the QB, which is a negative except that young, inexperienced quarterbacks will focus on one receiver. Who else is he going to throw to now that Leonard Pope is gone?

Wideouts may be less consistent from game to game but I feel more comfortable about the top two guys than I do the top two running backs.

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