Fantasy files: Mocking my own mock

The problem with conducting your own mock drafts is that they are very self-centered. I completed my last four-round mock draft (full redraft with one RB, WR, and QB keeper next year) about ten days ago. In the five slot I took Frank Gore, Roddy White, Steve Smith (Carolina, pre flag-football arm injury), and LeSean McCoy. I’ve learned a few things from these mock drafts. I’m willing to wait beyond the “big seven” of quarterbacks, although I have them all going usually before the fourth round, which may be too soon. I have too much love for Jonathan Stewart. And I’m not sure who’s going to get more scorn when they’re drafted, Chad Ochocinco or Steve Smith. At least Smith’s so focused on football that his hobbies include flag football. Ochocinco seems more interested in a reality TV career. Look how well it turned out for Jake and Vienna.

I took spot number three in today’s mock. I wondered what I’d do if I got one of the big three. Yeah, Ray Rice is up there but there’s nothing more comforting than getting Chris Johnson (less comforting every day), Adrian Peterson (what fumbles?) and MJD. I got MJD. I took Calvin Johnson in the second. Would he last until the eighth wide receiver? Would Greg Jennings go before him? I don’t know. I have my methods and they are at least as good as throwing a dart at a board. In the third round I’m not embarrassed to say that I took Stewart. I think of Stewart as one of those “sneaky keepers” since DeAngelo Williams will be a free agent in 2012, assuming that football still exists then. Stewart was dropped in our league last year because as a backup he’s going to have duds. Would I be good with him as my RB2? The thought of another Williams injury or using MJD/Stewart as major trade chips in the following offseason were too tempting. In the fourth round I took another upside guy who probably won’t be there in DeSean Jackson. In the fifth I eschewed QB and took Hakeem Nicks. Call the team “Ultimate Upside”. I’d score 30 points one week and 200 the next. It felt right.

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