Fantasy files: Don’t focus on one position

For my fantasy league, last year was a success. I had missed the playoffs four consecutive years, no mean feat since 8 of 12 teams make it. I finished the season with the 8th seed, so I was the final playoff participant. In the opening round I had the amazing fortune of starting Brandon Marshall in his 20-catch game and Andre Johnson had 193 receiving yards. It was the perfect storm. In the following week neither player did quite as well and I lost.

I did terribly with my running backs. I kept Matt Forte and with my first-round pick reached for Kevin Smith. I passed over Brandon Jacobs, and there wasn’t much hindsight. I was screwed either way. I got Cedric Benson later and had Jonathan Stewart for the playoffs, but I benched him the week of his 23-point game against the Vikings. I think it was a Monday night game and DeAngelo Williams wasn’t called out until the last minute.

I failed to win a title. That’s what I’m aiming for this year. To do this, I need a lot more than Kevin Smith and Matt Forte. I need a stud RB. The problem with making up for last year’s fantasy failures is that you focus too much on the recent past. I had Philip Rivers as my keeper last year but I panicked because my quarterbacks had been horrible for the past few years so I took Donovan McNabb in the third round as insurance. Imagine my team had I taken Ray Rice at that point. Instead he went before my next pick and I took Cedric Benson. Benson would have been fine as a RB2 but I had no RB1.

Concentrate on your whole team, not just one position which bit you in the you know what last year. That’s the way to glory.

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