Fantasy files: Browns and Delhomme, the dream pairing

The projections continue. In the last installment, I discussed the bang-your-head-against the wall awesomeness of the Buffalo Bills. I’ll make most of the hard-core NFL fans cry when I bring up Cleveland’s awe-inspiring 6-3 victory over the Bills last fall. Until a misleading four-game season-ending Mangini-severance-avoiding win streak, that was the sole victory for the Browns.

A lot of Cleveland fans are feeling less than loved by their sports teams. LeBron James, their greatest gift since Marty Schottenheimer, looks prepared to leave. Are angry townspeople going to storm his mansion/casino if he announces that he’s playing for Miami? Have I lost my four readers by the mere mention of the NBA?
The Browns do have one of the most intriguing “weapon” players in Josh Cribbs.
Honestly, the team should have put him in as a wishbone quarterback more often last year because this was a bad year for the forward pass. Cleveland was the only team in the league with more rushing yards than passing yards. And it was the running game, once the corpse formerly known as Jamal Lewis called it a year, that helped the team to that winning streak. Jerome Harrison was fantasy platinum last December. The team smartly drafted another running back to share the load in Montario Hardesty. That pretty much shattered any chances of this team having a decent fantasy player, save the Browns defense when Cribbs returns a kick for a touchdown.

Saying good-bye to Brady Quinn and Derrick Anderson once they sucked all of the value out of then was the only move the team had. Sometimes you have to light that insurance fire. Adding Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace to take their place was quite uninspired. It reminds me of drafting Santana Moss over Randy Moss a couple of years ago. The team added Colt McCoy later. It’s not a good year for rookie quarterbacks since, save the curious case of Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford’s shoulder, teams passed over the top guys again and again. This rambling paragraph is my way of saying “draft the Titans mascot before you draft any Browns quarterback”.
Mohamed Massaquoi was the team’s leading receiver with 34. He did average more than 18 yards a catch. Consider him one of the lesser lights of last year’s phenomenal rookie WR crop. While he had two 100-yard games, he had less than 50 receiving yards in 13 of his 15 games. There’s no one else and he hasn’t shown the ability to beat NFL cornerbacks.

Josh Cribbs is an intriguing player if you get return yardage. If you’re a Browns fan, you’re buying a throwback jersey.

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