Fantasy files: Value out West

There’s value in them thar hills. I’m talking about Denver. Did you know that Kyle Orton threw for 3,800 yards last year? I know, it’s like they passed out 3,000-yard seasons like they were spirit towels in 2009. The only useful fantasy guy as a receiver for the Broncos last year was Brandon Marshall. That means there are 100+ passes going to someone else. Tony Scheffler is gone too. Jabar Gaffney has potential. Eddie Royal, a disaster last year, could surprise. Rookies Demariyus Thomas and Eric Decker could help.

Kyle Orton isn’t going to be a value. Sure, if he throws for 3,800 yards and 21 touchdowns again he’s a draft-day bargain. Only thing is, you’re not going to start him unless it’s a bye week. Knowshon Moreno looks like the smart money for the top sophomore back. Think he’ll be better than Ryan Matthews, who’s going earlier? We know that he’s in the AFC West, and playing six games against the AFC West is like playing poker with a bunch of first graders. With my poker “skill”, that would be an even money bet at best, sadly.

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