Fantasy files: PPR slow draft bonanza

I’m not sure why I’m so mentally taken aback by the drafting in this 16-team league. Basically every three rounds is like four in a 12-team league. Because it’s a round or two above where they’d go in a 12-team league, every player seems like a reach. A Web-based draft is sure to suffer when the weekend strikes. It’s kind of the dirty fantasy football secret that most work is done during the week.
If you don’t like my gory details, just go to the site.

When my fourth round pick came up, I had Frank Gore, Knowshon Moreno, and Flag Football All Star Steve Smith. The pick had to be a receiver. It only seemed like 45 wideouts had been selected. Again, like in the second round, I zagged. I went with Jason Witten. What’s not to like about a TE who has 271 catches in three years? The paltry two touchdowns last year doesn’t help, but in a way it does. One of the easiest ways to mine for value is to look for guys who didn’t score a lot of touchdowns last year (Jason Witten, Greg Jennings) and lower the value of guys who scored a ton of touchdowns last year (Vernon Davis, Adrian Peterson). I think Witten was the fifth tight end, so I went for a top tight end at the cost of hurting my wide receiver points.

In the following round I may have reached a bit. Honestly, once you get past the third round, ADP kind of goes out the window. If you like a guy, especially when you’re waiting up to 20 picks for your next guy, take him. I took Devin Hester. He was my 17th ranked wide receiver. Can he catch 80 passes this year? Sure he can! I think the Bears’ offense might be a tad overrated as a whole, but you can get value out of the receivers since it’s unclear who’s going to be the main, secondary, and tertiary guy. Hester’s going to get tons of chances to catch short passes and make big plays. Isaac Bruce is helping him with Mike Martz’s system. That’s what is to like about a guy I took about 20 slots ahead of his ADP.

I have an interesting quandary. Nine QBs have been taken. I could wait for 11 guys to be taken, play the QBBC game, and load up on other positions for another couple of rounds. Jay Cutler and Kevin Kolb went today.

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