Fantasy files: PPR rounds 6 and 7

Did I panic? In today’s edition of the Draftmaster Twitter draft, I made two picks. I think that was a record. In the sixth round I took Clinton Portis to be my RB3. I didn’t like the WR values, but almost all of “my guys” were gone by the end of the round. I thought about TJ Housh and Lee Evans and both are gone. The selection of Housh always leads to the obligatory “championship” joke.

The first pick of the seventh round was Brett Favre. He was the 11th quarterback taken. I was one of two teams left who had not taken a QB. I couldn’t wait. I took Matt Ryan. I wanted to pass on QB as long as possible and take two borderline starters since this is a best ball league. There wasn’t a ton of talent left at other positions so I pulled the trigger. I really think Ryan can move up into the 25+ TD range this year. The team could run more than in 2009 but that’s all right. He doesn’t have the upside of a Favre, but his floor seems to be high. When you’re digging for the last beverage in the icy water at the end of a party, you just care that it’s cold.

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