Fantasy files: To kill a mocker

Before I proceed, here’s my Twitter Draftmaster II roster after nine selections.

QB: Matt Ryan (6)
RB: Frank Gore (1), Knowshon Moreno (2), Clinton Portis (7)
WR: Steve Smith Carolina (3), Devin Hester (5), Lance Moore (8), Arrelious Benn (9)
TE: Jason Witten (4)

Yes, my wide receivers suck. Let’s move on; shall we?

Mock drafts wear me out. I thought it would be fun during lunch yesterday, and I agree that my idea of fun differs from most of America, to do 12 two-round mocks with me drafting from each slot. Due to my usual surf meandering and other things that popped up, I was only able to complete three. What did I learn?

When I went back, I tended to forget certain players. On the first mock I got pick number one and took the obvious CJ2K. Who would fall to me in the second? I got a 2/3 turn of Brandon Marshall and Tony Romo. That’s not bad. I did forget that Shonn Greene existed for purposes of this mock. I’m not sure if Pierre Thomas would go in front of them.

With a mock draft, it’s impossible to consider everything. Do you draft the other 11 slots off of one list, use multiple lists, or go based on feel? In a live draft featuring people who have drafted together more or less for a decade, you know that wacky picks are coming. Since Peyton Manning went #3 overall in our previous redraft in 2005. I got Edgerrin James, Julius Jones, J.J. Arrington, and Jake Plummer as my first four picks. Yes, I need to atone. Arrington’s 370 rushing yards in his rookie year represented a career high. Yes, I enjoy rubbing salt into wounds.

I’ve only completed the mocks from slots 1 through 6. I’m not really sure if I have a favorite. Obviously the 1 overall with the 24/25 turn is pretty solid.

From the 1: CJ2K, Brandon Marshall, Tony Romo
From the 2: MJD, Tom Brady
From the 3: MJD, Greg Jennings
From the 4: Ray Rice, Miles Austin
From the 5: Andre Johnson, Miles Austin
From the 6: Andre Johnson, Tom Brady

What does this list tell about me? I’m not afraid to split up the positions. In 2005, I was RB crazy. Now that we’ve switched to PPR and have added a flex position, WRs have more value. Plus it seems like the players are scoring more fantasy points than they did five years ago. You’d probably take Eli Manning’s numbers in 2005 and assume you were going to lead the league in QB points. It feels like a deep draft.

After the “big four” running backs, I get nervous. While I don’t like taking the first of any position, having Andre Johnson would be nice. I picked him up in the second round of our 2006 draft, after the worst year of his career. He’s clearly going to be on my team’s Hall of Fame list even if I don’t get him back. In our five years of keeper teams, I never kept the same RB or QB for consecutive years. Having Johnson was great. Of course I got him at a bargain price. It’s tougher to pay a first-round price on a wide receiver. They aren’t going to get the touches a RB or QB gets. RBs of course are more injury prone and you feel like there are a lot of potentially great quarterbacks.

By the end of next week I’d like to get through four rounds of mock for each spot. I do like the fact that we’re pulling draft slots the night before the draft. Otherwise it would be too boring. It’s still possible that I could get any player, and when the slots are announced, that’s over.

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