Two out of three ain’t bad

It’s weird to think that the fantasy football regular season is now more than halfway done. Didn’t it seem like months of waiting for the season to start? Now we’re stuck with bums like Brett Favre and DeAngelo Williams clogging up our rosters.
I haven’t bored my four readers with tales of my fantasy teams in months. There are six weeks left in the regular season in all three of my leagues. In the local keeper league there are eight playoff spots and in the two Zealots leagues there are six playoff spots. I’m in the running in all three.

My keeper league has been an Achilles heel for half a decade. In 2006 I stopped being able to draft, trade, or make astute waiver moves. I think I’m over that now. After years of timidly offering rules changes I went all in this year, making our league PPR and adding an extra WR/TE slot. Proving that most successes in life are narrow things, the vote on our new flex spot was tight. The vote was whether to include running backs in the flex position. The vote finished in a tie and the tiebreaker was an Atlanta Braves/Washington Nationals baseball game. The Nationals were on the side of the WR/TE, so I assumed that a third running back would be part of our rosters. The Nationals won and that’s one of the reasons why I lead the league in scoring.

I nailed the first half of my draft and I’ve been better than average with waivers. Six of my first seven draft picks are every-week starters. The one guy who isn’t is Knowshon Moreno, and he’s not a bad third running back. I was the last guy to draft a QB and Eli Manning has been great the last two weeks after not exactly blowing the fantasy world’s skirts up prior to that. In the eighth round I drafted Brett Favre. That’s where it all started to fall apart. Of my last ten draft picks, I have three guys left. My lottery ticket picks like Laurence Maroney and Devin Hester didn’t pan out.

I officially am off the waivers bandwagon. I want free agent bucks and I want them next year. Despite being in a poor waiver slot nearly every week I’ve supplemented my roster well. I got Darren McFadden when the bastard who drew the 12 slot in our redraft got the top waiver pick and Arian Foster. I picked up Dustin Keller after the Arian Foster guy released him after week one. I dropped Aaron Hernandez to get him. I find it ironic that I dropped Jared Cook to pick up Hernandez because every Titan fan sees what they wish Cook could become in Hernandez. I haven’t had luck with my WR4 slot. I added Mario Manningham one week, then Lance Moore, who I only started in his bad week. I currently have Danny Amendola and I’m starting the Vernon Davis/Dustin Keller combo this week and leaving him on the bench.

After seven weeks I lead the league in record, scoring, and points against. I find the points against to be a badge of honor. The week to week stuff makes fantasy more random than it already is. I need two wins in the next six weeks to have my first winning record since 2005. I want that number one playoff spot and top scoring title. I want it even though the top regular-season squad hasn’t won the title since I did it in 2000. I have one ace up my sleeve. In the playoffs, the waiver order reverses, which gives the best team the best waiver slot, and with all of the injuries we’ve seen, that’s going to be valuable.

I rule as usual in Zealots 17. I’m in two Zealots dynasty IDP leagues and there’s one difference between the leagues. I always seem to nail my rookie picks in z17 and Ryan Howard my picks in z34. In the third round of my rookie draft in z17 I got Mike Williams and Aaron Hernandez. That’s good since my main tight end in Dallas Clark has been IR’d. Last year I started strong, faded out and lost in the first round of the playoffs. I’m aiming for the first-round playoff bye so if I lose in my first postseason game, at least it will be in Week 14. I’m the leading scorer in this league too. I’d say that so far my massive trade for Adrian Peterson has paid off. I usually just start Peterson and Michael Turner and let my deep WR and TE corps hold the day. On my Reggie Wayne bye week I got to start Dwayne Bowe, Percy Harvin, Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace. I have nine wideouts on my roster and eight were draft picks or rookie free agents. With Clark out I can choose between Owen Daniels, Aaron Hernandez, Andrew Quarless and maybe even Jacob Tamme. And when you can get IDP guys like Dave Ball, Desmond Bishop, and Patrick Chung off waivers, you’re feeling good.

My last and worst team is my Zealots 34 squad. I just lost Tony Romo for at least the fantasy regular season. I neglected to pick up Jon Kitna so Josh Freeman will be my starting QB. I have pretty solid RB depth here, but the rest of my team is thin. I’m 3-4 in a division with two 5-2 teams. I’m probably screwed since my record “in conference” is 1-4. Yeah, I’m already thinking of draft picks for 2011.

Obviously I want that keeper league title since we have a trophy. The other leagues don’t even have a virtual trophy. When you win, you tweet about it. I want some confetti and to shake Roger Goodell’s hand.

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