A good weekend

It was a good weekend. I tend to be happier when I focus less on the results of my football teams. OK, back that up, I enjoy life better when I relish in my teams’ successes and brush off the losses. In previous years it’s been the opposite.

Missouri scored two quick touchdowns in Lubbock and the offense seemed to take the rest of the night off in a 24-17 loss. This loss officially ends 2010 as a potential “magical” year for the program. As strange as it sounds, getting big plays on offense can hurt a team. I remember it from last year’s Titans loss to the Texans when Chris Johnson had almost 300 yards of offense and scored three touchdowns. When the team trailed 34-31, it didn’t have a final drive in it. Everyone waited for CJ to make one more play and he had already wildly exceeded expectations.

Athens on Saturday was a fun experience. I didn’t totally embrace my college experience. I was a bit of a grump and didn’t fully embrace the concept of enjoying being young and dumb until my mid 20s. Mister Don Funk lined me up with good tickets for the annual November bye week, aka the 1-AA bought win of the year. Idaho State held Georgia to two early field goals. Then Georgia woke up and scored 35 in the second quarter and that was it. We toured Broad Street and eventually made it home, no thanks to the snoring navigator to my right.

As you can tell, Sunday was a bit of a day of recovery. I got to relax as all of my fantasy teams won big. I’m in first place in two leagues and in the other, I’m 4-5 but my two divisional opponents are about to go 7-2.

Sunday will be the unveiling of the Randy Moss show. I hope Chad Henne saved some interceptions.

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