Fantasy files: Starting strong

My local keeper league is getting on my last nerve. I’ve chronicled my strange history in this fantasy league. I was great at the start and had a bad four-year stretch that ended when I got the final playoff spot last year and defeated the number one seed. This year was our once in five years redraft and I did really well.

Proof in the pudding was my 8-2 start. I led the league in scoring and had the best record. There was no doubt that my team was elite. My WR trio of Marshall, Austin, and Nicks was tough to beat. I had RB injury issues to start but Darren McFadden and Frank Gore held me up most weeks. Eli Manning wasn’t an elite QB but well worth the seventh-round price.

In Week 11 it started to fall apart. Marshall and Nicks got injured. We have one WR bench slot so I was forced to start two tight ends. Unfortunately, Dustin Keller did not continue his early-season hot streak. Vernon Davis has been a top TE but as tight ends go, is inconsistent.

My ace in the hole was Vincent Jackson. Ideally he’d be a great WR4 and fill-in starter. In Week 12 I had to start him. He made it three whole plays.

I was in deep trouble going into Monday night. I needed 58 points to win and had Gore, Vernon Davis, and the San Fran D. I thought I had a chance. Gore’s injury ended that chance. I started Gore and McFadden this week. They scored 18 points. My backup RBs, Moreno and Freddy Jackson, scored 49.

There are two lineup dilemmas for the fantasy owner. Not enough choices or too many. I now have four borderline elite running backs and picking the right one is like selecting winning lottery numbers. I’m fine with Eli at QB. Now I have to pick up a WR with the 11th waiver slot and this guy has to start for me next week. I’m 8-4 and need a win or a loss by the second place guy in my division to win my division title. I may not get Nicks back this year and Brandon Marshall hasn’t been a difference maker this year.

8-2 feels like it could end 8-6. It’s not quite what I had in mind when the season began.

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