The end is near

The dream is dead. Again. For the third straight year, I will not be champion of any of my fantasy leagues.

In my local keeper league, I used to think of my division as the NFC East. It’s a tough, rugged division and no game is a gimme. After today’s result, I’m trading up. Our division is the SEC. In the past three years, the other three teams in my division won the title. This year was my turn. I started 8-2 but finished with three straight losses. Last week’s win and top score in the league gave me confidence. I faced off against the same team that beat me in last year’s semifinal. What made the loss even tougher was that the opposite semifinal was a 59-50 suck-fest while I lost 102-91.

We had our typical rollercoaster game. I had a lead as big as 15 but it evaporated quickly. I was pissed at Eli Manning early but it’s hard to argue against four touchdowns. Miles Austin scored a short touchdown but was pretty much underwhelming. Vincent Jackson was great as Vernon Davis was disappointing. I led by three points after the 1 p.m. games.
I had Darren McFadden and Knowshon Moreno while he had Roddy White, Wes Welker, and Danny Woodhead. Moreno got hurt early and McFadden only kept pace with White. At the moment I’m holding onto a 3-point lead and he has the tiebreaker edge. I might hold the lead through the first quarter but I’m not hopeful.

I also lost my z17 semifinal. My juggernaut squad failed to score a touchdown outside of Peyton. It’s sad to end the season like this but it’s a bit of a relief to not have to worry about the game and watch a scoreboard all afternoon when I should have been sleeping and kicking this cold.

Congrats to the Titans. They started and finished their home slate with impressive wins. Ignore what happened in the middle. The team has a very outside shot at a playoff game, but I really don’t want to see the Jets, Steelers, or Ravens at LP Field in January. I’d rather watch the games on the trusty HD at home.

I would like to see Philadelphia travel to Atlanta for the NFC Championship game. It’s been too funky a season for us to get a simple 1/2 championship game two years in a row, right?

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