Low point for Titans? Keep falling

There have been low points during the Titans’ 11-season run in Nashville. I’m not sure what kind of darkly humorous thought it is to contemplate that the team firing a coach who’s undergoing cancer treatments isn’t the low point.

I contend that the worst moment by far was when the team locked out a former MVP quarterback because he was under contract and the team was paralyzed with fear that he’d get hurt and there would be grave salary cap implications. There was a strange passive-aggressive the guy likes me but he’ll pull my pigtails instead of talking to me vibe to the whole situation.

This and the ongoing feud between Jeff Fisher and Vince Young has numbed me to the point that the team firing a coach who continued his duties despite undergoing cancer treatments last fall doesn’t affect me as much as it should. Like I’ve tweeted, the Titans can’t hurt me anymore.

They can befuddle me. This has been the strangest offseason to date. You could see the salary-cap issues coming. You couldn’t see Bud Adams looking at Jeff Fisher and Vince Young and saying “I choose me”.

It is counterintuitive to say that the franchise is going another direction when the new head coach is from the former regime. You’d think that he would want to keep some of the other staff he’s worked with for years but it looks like there will be an entirely new coaching staff for 2011, minus the head guy. There have been reports of Bud Adams wanting to “go cheap” with this year’s coaching staff. He’s already paying one coach, offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator, the latter two due to Jeff Fisher’s double secret probation extensions last fall. The only silver lining here is that Heimerdinger gets paid in 2011 and keeps his medical coverage. A lot of coaches who aren’t under contract for 2011 will not get these benefits if the lockout occurs and persists.

As fans, we’re always waiting for the low point. The low point means that the team has nowhere to go but up. With the team interviewing guys for positions that are already held, like Dave McGinnis’ linebacker gig, that means the bottom is not in sight.

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