With my 500th post, Zach on Sports hopes the Titans select…

I had in mind a much more grand personal statement with tonight’s blog. Let’s face it, though. It’s Thursday night and I’m plum tuckered. I’d love to talk about me and the year of putting myself out there. Instead I’m going to make one plea to the Tennessee Titans, because I know they read this blog like Jeff Fisher practices not answering questions at a press conference.

This is not a bold statement by any means. It is a statement that comes from my careful consideration of the circumstances. Despite a 1-7 finish, the Titans aren’t far away from being a contender. I do believe that. They are missing one small detail. They don’t have a quarterback.

It’s a bad offseason to have no quarterback since there’s that pesky labor situation which means any new QB will not be able to officially work with the new offensive staff. Every team’s going to have that situation, and let’s face it, there are a lot of franchises in need of a quarterback upgrade.

I don’t think the Titans should reach for what is perceived as an elite QB option in this year’s draft. I already covered this in my previous blog. They shouldn’t grab Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton. There just aren’t any finished products at the position. There are tantalizing skill sets to be sure. You just don’t know how they’re going to end up and you won’t know until many years in the future. It took us five years to discover that Vince Young wasn’t the answer and many fans think that he still could be. I don’t want a project when a really good offensive line, an elite running back and great receiving options are present.

I want the team to trade for Kevin Kolb. I understand that the odd new-car rules of the draft make it too prohibitive to trade the number eight overall pick for Kolb. Honestly, I don’t get it. Here’s what I mean by the new car rules. A new car drops precipitously in value once you drive off the lot ,and so do top-ten picks. They get veteran money with a solid 50% chance that the player isn’t going to live up to expectations.

Here’s why I think that Kolb can be the guy. He’s started in the NFL. That’s a bonus compared to a guy like Gabbert or Newton who don’t even have that much college starting experience. He’s been successful. Yeah, he’s had some stinkers like Week 17 last year when I started him in a fantasy matchup in which I got pulverized. Guess what; there aren’t guarantees even with experienced guys. He was a four-year starter in college. Notice how most elite quarterbacks in the NFL came out as seniors? The top options this year are mostly juniors and that usually doesn’t work out. Kolb could be the Titans’ Matt Schaub, only maybe Kolb will be able to actually win games instead of throw a lot of empty yards.

The Titans only should pass on picking Kolb up with the number 8 pick if they know a stud defensive lineman will be there. It’s a deep DL draft so there should. We need a guy who can make a Jevon Kearse like impact or become an Albert Haynesworth, minus the head-stomping and the road rage.

And I think the team could get Kolb for less. Their second-round pick might do since it’s the 40th overall, or even next year’s #1 which should be a middle-round pick at worse if the team has a QB. When you have options and one is clearly the best, you need to strike. There aren’t any other veteran QBs available who will be worth more than a Kerry Collins. It’s been fun, Kerry.

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