Back in the fantasy game

I’m going to give some props to a wily fantasy football veteran known as Taz. I’ve relaxed my usual year-round grip on all things fantasy. With the potential lockout and the relative quiet leading up to the draft, I’ve enjoyed not paying close attention to the football goings-on. I couldn’t help but notice that Taz kept tweeting about a series of drafts called the Draftmaster. Tons of people do mock drafts, although this is kind of early to start on 2011 leagues. He added a new draft seemingly every day. I sent him a message asking him to add me when he got to Draftmaster 46. Finally he asked me to join Draftmaster 28.

I signed up for this mock draft or draft-only league with the following personal rules. I was going to draft “from the hip”. That meant that I would draft based on other lists that I could find instead of my own and more often than not, draft based on feel than need.

I got pick number four in this 12-team draft. The picks before me were Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, and LeSean McCoy. I can still recall trying to sneak a pick of Foster in the last round of my in-person draft last August and watching the pick get ripped off the board due to positional limits. My how things change in a year. This is a PPR league and other than that, I’m blind to the actual rules of the league. I took Chris Johnson in round one without hesitation.

In the second round, I went with Vick. Last year when you took one of the “elite seven” quarterbacks, you felt like you could wait a long time to get your backup. With Vick and his high probability of injury, I can’t really do that. I do have the fastest team in the league with the addition of Mike Wallace in the third. I think I have the fastest QB, WR, and RB in the National Football League.

The league is drawing me back into the fantasy football world, and the best thing about these Draftmaster leagues is that you draft with fellow fantasy football nerds who are also on Twitter. Fantasy nerds of the world, unite!

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