Losing my NFL and Draftmaster update

I’m going to make a quick and obvious statement about the lockout. It’s a statement that the owners and the players don’t want to hear, but they should. I can live without it.

There are a ton of elements to your life that you think essential that you can live without and you have. Remember life before the Internet? No, it wasn’t in black and white. Remember having the standard definition boxy TV without 200 channels? You were fine. We can survive without the entertainment outlet. There are others.
The NFL wants us to believe that we can’t live without them. The truth is it can’t live without us.

Quickly, I’ll cover my team in the Draftmasters 28 league. I don’t know how the rosters are supposed to eventually shake out, and I’m not even sure how many rounds are in the draft. See, NFL, I’m starting to fall out of love. There better be a pot roast, some Fat Tire and peanut butter gooey cake for dinner when I get home.

My picks:

1.04: Chris Johnson (RB1)
2.09: Mike Vick (QB1)
3.04: Mike Wallace (WR1)
4.09: Marques Colston (WR2)
5.04: Dallas Clark (TE1)
6.09: Fred Jackson (RB2)
7.04: Pierre Garcon (WR3)
8.09: Mike Thomas (WR4)
9.04: Chris Ivory (RB3)
10.09: Sam Bradford (QB2)
11.04: Donald Brown (RB4)
12.09: Jason Hill (WR5)
13.04: Marion Barber (RB5)
14.09: Brent Celek (TE2)

I know you’re jealous. How could I lock up the Jacksonville WR corps like that? It’s almost unfair. The usual upside with taking a QB early is that you can wait on your backup. With Vick, it’s smart to get reinforcements with the odds of injury at almost 100%. I feel good about my QB and TE, but I’m unsure about the WR group and the RBs seem really weak.

OK NFL, if I come home and you’re wearing the Warren Moon Oilers throwback and nothing else, we’ll forget that this ever happened.

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